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Studio Percussion is hosting the first annual “Right To Bear Arts” Festival on April 25 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist in Gainesville. Their goal is to create a coalition of local businesses that are involved with the arts so that the arts as a whole may grow and flourish in our area.

The Right to Bear Arts Festival will be an interactive day for everyone to experience hands-on the power of the arts! Our organization is very excited about this event because it is an opportunity for us to be leaders in our mission to unify the arts community of Gainesville. Our vision is to have a festival with booths and tents set up to offer interactive opportunities for the general public to experience hands-on various art mediums. This festival will be free and open to the public. Our great community has offered a plethora of invaluable arts services for so long and it is time that we united under one common vision—it is our Right to Bear Arts! This is an invaluable opportunity for everyone to be part of a strong unified Gainesville arts community, committed to seeing the arts prosper! We are hoping to succeed in the spirit of working together so that the arts as a whole may grow and flourish in our area. We are asking each arts related business to either coordinate a tent or booth in which they will lead interactive opportunities to experience hands-on their specific artform. While this is a Studio Percussion-lead initiative, we are asking partnering businesses to work with us and take ownership and investment in this event, recognizing that its impact will be mutually beneficial to all involved.

Studio Percussion is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization that specializes in using the arts to instill a sense of community and develop leadership.

Studio Percussion has a devoted staff who are committed to encourage, inspire, and motivate people toward excellence in life and leadership. It is our mission to provide services in the arts which create meaningful and significant experiences for people, not excluding those with financial limitations, disabilities, or at-risk youth. Because of our excellent programs and dedication to our mission, Studio Percussion serves over 200 students.

Thanks, Chad!


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2 Responses to “Come Beat the Drums for the Arts!”

  1. Margie Norman says:

    Best of luck this weekend to all involved with this wonderful event! The Arts have played such an important role in the lives of my children (now adult Musicians) from instilling discipline, growing self-confidence and esteem, to enhancing abilities in their educational and professional careers! We, as their mother and father, are not musicians or consider ourselves artistically gifted, however; we have grown personally, developed a strong appreciation of all types of music and other artistic mediums, and most importantly formed a strong bond with our children…they continue to “Awe” us!
    As a proud mother of two gifted musicians I encourage every parent to support their children in their dreams and pursuits in the Arts! They will grow tremendously and so will you!
    Margie Norman, “Right to Bear Arts”
    (Mother of Megan Elyse Norman, Gainesville, FL & Scott “Scooter” Norman, Fort Worth, TX)

  2. Trish says:

    Wonderful comment, Marge – thank you for adding that important thought. I loved helping my kids discover the arts, too…. and my son is now also a musician!

    Hope lots of people check out this percussion party!

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