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I love free stuff. I love it even more when people give me free stuff just because I exist. I’d like to think it’s just because I’m cool like that, but really, they’ll give it to anyone. Want yours? Check out these two sites and register to get free stuff on your birthday.

  • BirthdayFreebies.com: With this site, you can be sure that you’re finding the freebies that are close to where you live, thereby enabling you to maximize the number of freebie redemptions. A quick search of my zip code brings up 71 restaurant freebies & 5 services. Not bad. (FYI–Since my b-day isn’t for a few months yet, I haven’t registered. David did, and he posted a comment on Atlanta on the Cheap that the numbers are inflated because they count each location separately. YMMV.)
  • FreeBirthdayTreats.com: Here, you can register for free birthday swag for yourself, your kids, or even your pets. Yes, your pets. Really. You can’t make this stuff up. A quick search of my area brings up a list of about 40 freebies, including entrees, desserts, & even a cigar (for me, not my pet…she’s stuck with a free toy from Petsmart, not that she’ll complain).

Some deals are valid on your birthday only. Others give you a few days to a few weeks to cash in, so plan carefully to work in a few free post-birthday pick-me-ups.

–Jennifer Maciejewski, Cities on the Cheap

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