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As you may know, thrift stores are a great way to find furniture, household accessories and even clothes for cheap. Luckily, Gainesville has ton of them! Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

Goodwill (3520 SW 34th Ave): The Goodwill here accepts many donations from college kids who want to get rid of good clothes. This one has a huge selection of every clothing item you can imagine and tons of knick-knacks. Beware, though, good furniture goes quickly!

Habitat for Humanity (2317 SW 13th St): Located near Virtually Cuban on SW 13th Street, Habitat for Humanity is the place to go for a huge selection of large and small furniture for pennies! Small clothes section.

Humane Society of Alachua Thrift Shop (2031 NW 6th St): This is a small thrift store, but great for knick-knacks, funky clothes and things for your pet. The best part: you can stop in and pet the dogs and cats afterwards.

Outreach Thrift Store (125 NW 23rd Ave): Outreach has a large, ever-changing selection of clothes for men and women with a nice blend of typical retro thrift store finds, college kid clothes and basics. Most shirts are only $2.

Salvation Army (55 NW 23rd Ave): Near Outreach, Salvation Army is another good place to find furniture, lighting and electronic gadgets. Prices vary and the place is packed on weekends, but it’s one of the biggest thrift stores in Gainesville and they’re constantly getting new stuff.

As I explore more thrift stores in Gainesville, I’ll be posting more entries about them. If you know any places that deserve to be on this list, leave a comment!

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